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British Fantasy Awards 2023: The Sydney J. Bounds Award for Best Newcomer


Interview with Curtis Brown Creative with my agent, Alexander Cochran, on why histopathology is terrifying.

Interview with Ginger Nuts of Horror, in which one may find recommended reading and/or listening.

Interview with Locus, in which I reveal my weirdest literary influences.

Interview with the American Booksellers Association, in which I confess that I was into Satan when I was in Christian school.

Interview with BookPage, in which I simp for trains.

Interview with Brookline Booksmith (video), in which I confess to having only one kidney.

Interview with Rick Kleffel, in which we gush about Mervyn Peake.

Interview with Kameron Hurley, in which we gush about Mervyn Peake (and Arvo Pärt).


Science Fiction and Fantasy: ‘Leech’ by Hiron Ennes by Liz Braswell of The Wall Street Journal